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About Celio

Who I am, what I do, and why.

· Photohistory,Collections,Photographic History,Historic Processes

I study Meiji Period photographic objects, processes, technologies and primary sources to understand the historiography of Japanese Photography, and preserve these artefacts more effectively.

In objects such as The MacLean Orihon or the Silver Mizunotype, diverse cultural sensibilities, aesthetic principles and artistic disciplines have crossed paths to create something that couldn't exist before.

Because the histories of Japanese photography have only just begun to be told, I aim to aid in the identification, conservation, preservation and study of uncommon objects through my research.

The defining experience that transformed the direction of my cultural pursuits came towards the end of my B.F.A. studies. A lecture by Prof. Michael J. Farrell at The Detroit Institute of Arts introduced me to 侘寂 and it changed my life.

I rushed to the library to read about Tea from Okakura, who then told me of Sen No Rikyu. Before the year was out, I packed my bags for Osaka to try and understand The Way.

In 2007 I co-founded SoHo Art Gallery in downtown Osaka, where I produced dozens of exhibitions, and curated special national and international projects during my 8 year tenure.

For nearly 12 years I cultivated my interests in Japanese art, culture and history in Osaka. At first I studied all I could about 侘寂 and the traditional arts and culture.

A few years later I started a gallery where I worked with scores of artists, curators and collectors spanning the breadth of the Japanese art scene.

After earning my MA in photo preservation, I now care for the Asian Art and Culture collection at The Royal Ontario Museum, and research its transcultural photographic objects.

My article "The Discovery and Identification of a Silver Mizunotype" was recently published in Photographica World, the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain's journal Number 157, December 2017.

You'll find me communing with fellow photohistorians at conferences, photographica fairs, symposia and informal gatherings.

I like staying abreast of the latest developments in photographic history research, conservation, digital preservation, and collections management

I'm an avid street photographer (with infant children) and an account, and a collector of rare books, antique cameras and Japanese Golden Age postcards.

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