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About Celio

Who I am, what I do, and why.

· Photohistory,Collections,Photographic History,Historic Processes

I have dedicated my professional life to the study of Japanese visual cultures and photogrpahic practices over the past two decades. I currently study how science, technology and art intersected in Meiji Era Japan (1868-1912) to create a new, exciting and influential visual culture of self-representation, empire building and geopolitical dominance. 

Recent history:

2000 Instructional Designer, ASTI, Detroit, MI.

2001 Instructional Designer, Fiserv, Inc., Detroit, MI.

2003 Multi-modal Intercultural Communication instructor and trainer, NOVA Group.

2007 Co-founder and Curator of intercultural and International exhibitions, SoHo Art Gallery, Osaka.

2015 Began Masters in Film and Photographic Preservation and Collections Management at Ryerson.

2016 Junior researcher and curatorial assistant at The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, ON.

2017 Assistant collections Manager, Asian Art and Culture Collection, The Royal Ontario Museum 

2018 Faculty, School of English and Liberal Studies, Seneca College of Art and Technology, Toronto.

2019 Elected to Board of Directors (Programme), Photographic Historical Society of Canada, Toronto.

2020 Ph.D. student, Photographic History Research Centre at De Montfort University in Leicester, U.K..

2021 Faculty, Media and Communication Studies, University of Guelph Humber, Toronto.

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